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She became very popular in Italy for her “So condenda pe fa sta sfilata” that means a funny way to say “I’m glad to do this beauty pageant”. But she became popular something like 25 years later, in fact today she’s a very famous meme. She’s Sandra Marchegiano and participated to “Miss Italia in the World” in 1992.

Who is Sandra Marchegiano?

In web 2.0 and web 3.0 times, people can unawares get popular. One day your face with the “impact” font goes to a meme site and the day after people come to find you because you’re a myth. This is what happened to Sandra Marchegiano, daughter of Italian immigrants. One day her beautiful face framed by ringlets and star-shaped earrings became the symbol of Italian- American people, blending in a funny way Italian dialect and her American language. Today everyone wants to hear it. Moreover, this caught the attention of famous Italian people too, like Frank Matano.

Something that surprised many people was: after 28 years she’s still beautiful. Today you can find her on Instagram. She’s spontaneous, ironic and always impressed by the media hype that surrounds her.


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Un post condiviso da Sandra Marchegiano (@sandramarchegianoofficial) in data:

Sandra Marchegiano face on gadgets, but she didn’t know

Her followers know that in the last hours she found an online shop selling gadgets with her face in “hope style” with her famous quote. So, Sandra Marchegiano’s face, name and surname have been printed on mugs, t-shirts, posters, stickers, notebooks, pullover hoodies, iPhone cases, clocks, postcards and throw pillow and she didn’t know anything. Everything we know about the seller is that his name is Fecius and he’s from Rome.

so condenda
from the site

Not everyone knows about image rights criteria for a seller or for the portrayed subject. The spreading of a picture without the knowledge of the involved person can be a huge risk for the seller in this case. Though the rights could belong to the TV channel of the beauty pageant,  we can still fight for Sandra Marchegiano personal data and quote on which someone wants to profit. I warned Sandra, but she doesn’t mind about her rights, she wants that earned money go to Italian hospitals, as she said:

«I would love the profits to go to Italian hospitals. I would love a news reporter to pick this up and share in Italy, so profits go to hospitals.»

so condenda

And here the call to action took place: help us to find this Fecius –>

Sandra doesn’t have only big eyes, she has also a big HEART. She could use her followers, she could prosecute the seller, but her first thought was Italian hospitals, although New York and New Jersey are living a terrible moment because of the virus, worse than Italy.

If you want to go deep on this affair about Fecius, start a petition or do something that can make Sandra’s dream come true, please share this post. In the meanwhile, I thank you so much for being here.



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