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Why should people open a blog? Well…there are many reasons, and the first one is that you want to. In 2019 I celebrated 10 years of blogging. My very first blog was a University exam, I remember it was very famous in the course, I used to have 200 followers. But, obviously, this isn’t enough to show your posts to viewers, nowadays above all.

Cos’è la sindrome di Asperger? | Sintomi e personaggi famosi che non sapevi lo fossero

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What are you going to find here? Well, everything’s around my hobbies. Not all the thoughts can be written, some of them are too personal, but others could be a fine discover for readers.

My topics are lifestylemusic, which is also my job, traveling, mental health, that’s something that Italy doesn’t talk much about,  work,University and Southern Italy, my slice of Italy.